Thursday, July 7, 2011

Great Expectations

The one thing all of us waited with bated breath for is finally here... good ol summer holidays. All through exams and the days following it, the only words that decorated all our lips were the ones about the fascinating plans we had for our holidays !!
Like decorating a prize Christmas tree, i carefully laid the footwork of my plans. And finally the holidays are here and are rushing by faster than light and each of my plans kept slipping out into the winds :P

summerImage by flavijus via Flickr

Well I can't deny the fact I am enjoying every second of the holidays quite well,for one, I am sure I have broken the records of any Greek giants in sleeping these hols.... Now the one thing I have planned is to never plan my holidays ever again !!

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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Exam Fever

I have always loved spring. The nature brimming with heavenly beauty and turning even a little caterpillar into a poet. But can winter be far behind ? In fact, spring brings a little bit of winter right with it. The age old battle of EXAMS!!

As the month of March sets in , it heralds the beginning of the war. We then get extremely in touch with our books and find the theories and formulas trying to roll up our minds into a fatal death roll. We can see the merciless people from the black and white photographs of our books sneering down at us with a smug expression.

                                                        my reminder notes during my exams

But exams are also the time when we get unusually creative and highly sensitive to good old mother nature ;)
The dried up paint sets, the dusty instruments and old comic books, with crackled brown pages all appear unusually fascinating to us. We even hear a baby spider slipping down its dew strewn web. It's almost as if our world has been served to us in a different bejeweled platter.

Though at the end of the long tiring day, exams fly away as fast as they come, but the days that they stay with us is a big black smudge on lovely spring !!

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