Sunday, November 18, 2012

Take a break....

          Just a while back I was blissfully watching a flock of birds flying together in a park when i saw this one bird descending gradually to the ground and casually took a walk between the grass and wandered about doing just about nothing for a while and then rejoined his flock that was returning from their earlier flight.
      This bird reminded me that more often than not each one of us get the urge to wander off from our routines, and take a break. We often dream of alternate realities at times where we are anyone else but us. But these moments hardly last for a few minutes before we revert back to the grids we create for ourselves. Well its never easy to just change it all in a blink of an eye, but we could alter little things in our life, like take a different route to our destination everyday, change your furniture setting, explore new parts of the city you live in, dust up your old bucket list and try to complete a few of those things...
      These little alterations may or may not change your life a 180 degrees, but it sure will provide the potential for a transition in your life. It'll bring about either a wonderful memory or an unforgettable lesson, but just like that bird, unless we dare to step away from our flocks, conventions and grids, we wont ever truly realize or appreciate the beauty of our life....

Dare to explore, dare to relish life's surprises !!

Sunday, October 7, 2012


To most of us words are just a bunch of little somethings that we string together and scatter around. But words are the most enchanted and/or deadliest power trusted to mankind. It has the power to make you or break you. We sometimes just expect them to brush past someone like a summer breeze, but more often than not, our words turn out to be like arrows and knives that lodge deep into their hearts.

But hey its up to us to see if the words we direct at someone becomes part of their growth or it poisons the very growth just mentioned. Words can induce a smile or a tear, a frown or bloom love. Words can guide or ruin, can nurture or destroy. But all it takes is a single word.

As millions have said before, a word is truly mightier than the sword. I realized that words also have the tendency to mutate into meaning something else, as it travels the distance between our lips and someones' ears. So think, and rethink before you plan to use words to someone, even if its as tiny as a little hi or as long as can be. 

                                  “But words are things, and a small drop of ink,
                                    Falling, like dew, upon a thought produces
                                   That which makes thousands, perhaps millions think.” 
                                  ― George Gordon Byron


Thursday, September 13, 2012


Illusions and illusionists not only work up our imagination but make us feel like we are transcending between reality and magic. Illusions are nothing but watching the world through closed eyes. But do we really have to be seated in a huge auditorium enveloped in grand bourgeois tapestries and view a dim lit stage to witness an illusion being performed?
The other day I found a butterfly hovering around a printed flower on my bed sheet and then settling on it. It would fly about and settle on the flowers on the sheet again and again. The moth got me thinking there is an illusionist within all of us.We sail through our days, months and lives in hopes of a perfect future which is most of the time a perfect illusion. Some of us often sing songs out loud under the illusion that we sound like a nightingale. But these illusions can't be categorized as falsehood, because they are nothing but a medium to add a little cheer to our days. They act like favorable wind, pushing our little boats towards the ultimate destination.
enjoying an illusion !!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

one lovely blog

I was beyond surprised to see a comment from VB from books for me, about a nomination for one lovely blog award. I am really new to blogging and taking baby steps here and Thank you VB for encouraging my blog.

rules : 
  1. include the blog award logo in your post
  2. Thank the person who nominated you
  3. Nominate 15 other bloggers and let them know about it...
  4. Seven random facts about yourself..
As the norm is, here are seven random facts about me :
1. I am crazy about dancing and wish to learn different forms of dancing
2. I love to learn various languages.
3. I am not a shopaholic but shopping is something I enjoy doing.
4. I love music and often sing it loud pretending to be some rockstar much to the dismay of my friends who have to bear me. :P
5. I love to watch a heavy downpour, cuddled up in my blanket with a hot coffee in hand, The scene is my version of paradise
6. I hate having to wait in long queues.
7. When I am really bored or clueless I like to irritate my dad and my best friend.

My nominations :

Thursday, September 6, 2012

One day fly

I remember once reading somewhere that one must dance like no one is watching and live everyday like its your last. But quite recently I came across a living creature who actually lives by these words, during a summer shower that took place a few days back. After the rain a horde of mayflies (one day fly ) just rose up in the air and appeared to be dancing with joy, until each one of them collapsed to the ground and slowly died.

Its probably because they have just one day to live that they want to live it with joy, but we have been gifted with lots of days, then why wait till the end to start living? why not live every second, why not live and love our life? Whether we have a kings life or a pauper's,why bother about what ranking our life stands at, as long as its our own and we have the undisputed authority to make it beautiful according to us?

So maybe take a lesson from the one day flies that we must live our life in a way that you'll never wake up one day and regret and say, it was all a waste :)
 njoi life, luv it :)

the death of a mayfly...

Friday, August 17, 2012

Aliens amongst us

Where do the ideas for science fictions and aliens sprout from? We have never ever had a face-time with aliens then how do they just take a shape in our minds one fine day? Maybe these creatures don't just develop out of the blue...Maybe they are right around us all the time, watching us, breathing the same air as us....

 Look carefully at the next grasshopper or any other insect you see. Don't they inspire a mental slide show of starwars, ET and all other aliens that have mesmerized us on the big screens ? :)

I have always proudly claimed to be a complete owl, but a  few days back I miraculously woke up at about 4:30 in the morning and my thirst drew me to the water cooler in my dorm, only to witness a view of the early morning sunlit cooler that looked something like the millions of spaceships that we've repeatedly experienced descending on our movie screens. 

So I am sure I just unearthed the origins of aliens, at least the once we are familiar with, and signing off hoping the next grasshopper sitting on my window sill doesn't turn out to be an alien spy that might lead to my alien abduction for unearthing their truth. shhhhhhhh ... :P

Alien twin 

The spaceship like cooler

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Once upon a time...

Whenever I hear this particular phrase "once upon a time...", it automatically gives out a magical and enchanting aura. The story following the phrase might as well be a very realistic and dry one, but some how the magical opening phrase makes it all a fairy tale .....

It's probably due to the connection our brains have been accustomed to since we held in our hands our first copy of a fairy tale. Even a very valuable life lesson, warning or moral, seems less intimidating and more inspiring when its presented through a little story that has the " once upon a time... " feeling about it.

A book by Paulo coehlo I've been recently reading follows the same principle, of sharing the writer's thoughts, experiences and reflections with the reader and thus also imparting beautiful life lessons encased in amazing stories.

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