Thursday, September 6, 2012

One day fly

I remember once reading somewhere that one must dance like no one is watching and live everyday like its your last. But quite recently I came across a living creature who actually lives by these words, during a summer shower that took place a few days back. After the rain a horde of mayflies (one day fly ) just rose up in the air and appeared to be dancing with joy, until each one of them collapsed to the ground and slowly died.

Its probably because they have just one day to live that they want to live it with joy, but we have been gifted with lots of days, then why wait till the end to start living? why not live every second, why not live and love our life? Whether we have a kings life or a pauper's,why bother about what ranking our life stands at, as long as its our own and we have the undisputed authority to make it beautiful according to us?

So maybe take a lesson from the one day flies that we must live our life in a way that you'll never wake up one day and regret and say, it was all a waste :)
 njoi life, luv it :)

the death of a mayfly...


vb said...

I have nominated you for One lovely blog award... Check the link for details..

Our Penguin In Havana said...

I remember the Mayfly:)
'Make the most of now'
From a commercial:

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