Thursday, September 13, 2012


Illusions and illusionists not only work up our imagination but make us feel like we are transcending between reality and magic. Illusions are nothing but watching the world through closed eyes. But do we really have to be seated in a huge auditorium enveloped in grand bourgeois tapestries and view a dim lit stage to witness an illusion being performed?
The other day I found a butterfly hovering around a printed flower on my bed sheet and then settling on it. It would fly about and settle on the flowers on the sheet again and again. The moth got me thinking there is an illusionist within all of us.We sail through our days, months and lives in hopes of a perfect future which is most of the time a perfect illusion. Some of us often sing songs out loud under the illusion that we sound like a nightingale. But these illusions can't be categorized as falsehood, because they are nothing but a medium to add a little cheer to our days. They act like favorable wind, pushing our little boats towards the ultimate destination.
enjoying an illusion !!


vb said...

True..many a times they assure us more than reality getting us far beyond..

Morgan Katz said...

Love this concept! Great design. Love this blog. My blog:

Anonymous said...


Just saw your post on Book Blogs, and decided to follow you.
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Andreia @

PS. Love the photos!

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