Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday Blues

Well I must confess, since I am on vacation right now, it doesn't really matter, what day of the week it is. But all the same  I woke up, with that familiar, ' Oh no, it's monday ' expression.
I had a gloomy cloud forming over my head, and a heart just not ready to let go off the lazy Sunday. Oh I so felt like Garfield...

one of my favorite posters :p 

It took me a while to realize that the Mondays and Sundays are look alikes on a vacation. So I did carry out my Monday blues quick fix, this time too ;)

1. Had a hearty  breakfast of pancakes and fruits
2. Dressed myself in the cheeriest color from my wardrobe
3. Listened only to songs with a happy note

So I survived yet another case of Monday Blues with a smile on my lips, a dance in my walk and a song in my heart !! Have a non blue Monday everyone !!


Songeuse said...

my monday was very blue.....cuz i had exams :-(

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